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Case Studies

Below are several case studies reflecting the work of Persuasive Brands. Please contact us if you would like more information or to discuss the results we can deliver for you.


Case Study: Brand Repositioning

Brand Repositioning Case Study: Del Fiugo



Frank Del Fiugo has a unique approach to leadership development and coaching. Del Fiugo Consulting harnesses psychology and neuroscience to help seasoned executives and aspiring managers understand why people do what they do. Armed with his knowledge, leaders can more easily resolve conflicts, enhance communication and increase organizational performance. While this innovative approach has proven invaluable to those who he coaches, Frank sought to bring their services to a wider base of potential clients.


Del Fiugo Consulting engaged Persuasive Brands who conducted a thorough competitive analysis of the executive coaching industry to identify a differentiated and defendable position for the organization. The produced decision-factor and Gap analyses revealed the coaching services most desired by executives but least available were, in fact, the strengths of Del Fiugo’s psychology and neuroscience-based approach: a greater ability to resolve conflicts, enhance communication and sharpen decision-making skills. Persuasive Brands crafted a positioning statement to define and differentiate Del Fiugo Consulting based upon a detailed SWOT analysis. This positioning statement was polished and adopted by the organization.


With the messaging defined, Persuasive Brands authored new service descriptions, methodology and corporate information -- repositioning the firm from a consulting to an executive coaching provider. Without altering the look and feel, the new content was incorporated into the firm’s website along with a sharply focused home page defining key audiences. Persuasive Brands then optimized the website to drive page rankings among Google, Yahoo! and Bing for Del Fiugo's services.


Potential clients and web visitors can now quickly understand the unique methods provided by Del Fiugo Executive Coaching and their unparalleled benefits. Importantly, potential clients know why they should engage Del Fiugo Executive Coaching to fuel their own careers.

Brand Repositioning Case Study: Post


Case Study: Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing Case Study: Kirkwood Animal Hospital



Kirkwood Animal Hospital is a premier, privately owned veterinarian practice dedicated to enhancing the wellness and longevity of cats and dogs. With more than 30 years serving pet owners in northern California, Dr. Ueno sought to help expand his practice and build the Kirkwood brand.


Working with Dr. Ueno and his business advisory team, Persuasive Brands developed a step-by-step plan to differentiate the firm, enhance communications with existing customers and expand the customer base through a referral program, direct marketing and social media activities. To develop the brand, it was imperative that all communications (online, print, in person) delivered a consistent, differentiated message and reinforced the Kirkwood Animal Hospital brand.


Through competitive and SWOT analyses, Persuasive Brands crafted a position based upon the exceptional education of the firm's veterinarians and their unique dedication to wellness-based medicine. To enhance client communications, a monthly newsletter program was established to inform pet owners of important topics while weekly customer satisfaction surveys provide the opportunity for invaluable feedback. Importantly, Persuasive Brands developed a referral and direct marketing program to help expand the customer base.


All of Kirkwood Animal Hospital communications reinforce the exceptional wellness care provided by experienced veterinarians educated at the country's best veterinary schools.

The monthly newsletters strengthen the bonds with existing customers and encourage pet owners to refer friends and family members. The regular surveys enable pet owners to directly share their accolades and concerns -- enabling any issues to be quickly resolved. Additionally, the website and direct marketing activities help to expand the number of pets receiving care by Kirkwood Animal Hospital’s exceptional staff -- with additional evaluations and ratings posted on social media sites.

  • Desktop and Mobile Friendly Website

  • Original Content Customer Newsletters

  • Direct Mail Postcards

  • Customer Referral Program

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Company Business Cards

Case Study: New Custom Website Development




McNair Building Construction is a leading custom home builder in the Hilton Head area. McNair designs and builds innovative luxury homes with a key focus: quality.

As one of the first builders to fully embrace the Internet to communicate with suppliers and clients, David McNair is intimately familiar with the Internet. And when McNair decided to modernize their web presence, the obvious choice was to leverage open source software. However given David's desire to attract new clients as well as automate their marketing and back-office processes, the challenges associated with the available solutions quickly became obvious -- and frustrating.

Thank you immensely for the work you've done on our website. The "back-end" and "private front-end" has allowed us to improve our efficiency significantly so that our time can be better managed and focus placed where it is a more direct benefit to our success.

David McNair
McNair Building Construction


We suggested McNair leverage Persuasive Brand’s proven content-driven web solution -- enabling the real-time management of web pages, images, clients, prospects, and online marketing activities.


Building upon the core capabilities of its software, Persuasive Brands worked with McNair to implement a new look and feel, value-added features, and a seamless mobile site -- inviting inquiries and converting prospects into clients.

Importantly, Persuasive Brands also automated key marketing, document management, back-office activity, and client communications.

The objective was to develop feature-rich capabilities enabling clients to access proposals, drawings and related construction documents -- including daily images of their homes as they were being constructed. An equally important objective was to increase the efficiency of the McNair team -- automating previously time-consuming tasks allowing them to spend more time with their clients.


Within three weeks, the newly designed website containing new features, fresh content and legacy information was fully functional. Additional enhancements were included as the McNair team identified opportunities to further streamline their internal and client-facing processes.

Website Created by Persuasive Brands


Case Study: Search Engine Optimization

MarketResearchCareers Logo



MarketResearchCareers, the leading job board focused exclusively upon the U.S. market research industry, sought to increase the number of unique visitors, grow its membership, and drive sales despite a constrained marketing budget.


Partnering with Persuasive Brands is like having your own in-house marketing department. The service is always prompt, professional, and helped increase our business by 300%.

Mike Carroll
Director, Sales and Marketing
Persuasive Brands conducted an initial analysis of MarketResearchCareers' traffic levels and sources; re-visitation rates; and rankings among the leading search engines. Within two days, Persuasive Brands revealed strong site re-visitation rates approaching 50%.

The review also revealed less than 5% of the site's total traffic originated from search engines -- with such activity driven by keywords only partially related to the site. Additionally, Persuasive Brands determined that www.marketresearchcareers.com was not ranked in the top 100 by Google, Yahoo!, or MSN and a total of only five links to the site were present among the leading search engines.

Based upon the findings, Persuasive Brands recommended MarketResearchCareers invest in search engine optimization to drive site activity levels and sales without incurring ongoing advertising expenses.


Persuasive Brands' SEO Results
Through discussions with management, Persuasive Brands developed three positioning statements -- one of which was selected. Upon conducting a competitive analysis, a list of keywords, new site content containing the appropriate meta tags and internal links, an XML sitemap, and robots.txt file were created.

Persuasive Brands then embarked on a targeted directory and link building program securing more than 100 links from relevant, high PageRank (PR) sites within six weeks. Persuasive Brands also submitted and monitored www.marketresearchcareers.com using Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! Site Explorer, and MSN Live Search Tools -- among others.


Within three months, site activity levels doubled with increases of more than 300% experienced within the year.

As interim benchmarks, www.marketresearchcareers.com was ranked in the top 20 by Google, Yahoo!, and MSN within three weeks of submission. Within 5 weeks, the site was ranked on the first page by Bing for selected keywords.

Most importantly, sales for MarketResearchCareers increased by nearly 300% during the year while requiring minimal SEO maintenance.

Today, MarketResearchCareers proudly maintains a first page ranking for "market research jobs" and "market research recruiter" among all three search engines (click to see Google's current ranking of MarketResearchCareers).



Case Study: Direct Marketing

10Best Logo



10Best, a provider of unbiased recommendations for a city's best sights, restaurants, hotels, clubs, and shops, sought to expand the number and frequency of individuals visiting www.10Best.com to drive online advertising revenue and on-site purchases.

Persuasive Brands was motivated, meticulous, and always flexible and accessible. There was never a concern or a question that went unanswered or unexamined. The goal was to make 10Best better, never to impose a ready-made scheme or dusty initiative. Everything was dynamic and readily managed. Persuasive Brands was experienced in all aspects of our project, and their expertise made our self-analysis and end product that much better.

Marc Bolick
10 Best


Given SEO initiatives were actively underway at 10Best, Persuasive Brands recommended the creation of an eNewsletter to proactively engage existing and future account holders. By delivering valuable content to their inbox, subscribers would be regularly presented with 10Best's unique content -- encouraging further reading and visits to www.10Best.com. And by developing a large opt-in list, 10Best would create a valuable corporate asset that could be leveraged to drive online advertising and support targeted sales and promotions.


Persuasive Brands began by providing 10Best with an in-depth review of the Best Practices for EMail and Newsletter Marketing -- addressing topics including: sign up processes, optimal content definition, subject line keywords, SPAM, privacy, and campaign measurement.

Leveraging an A/B/C multivariate methodology, Persuasive Brands created multiple newsletters -- each containing variations of subject lines and content categories. By randomly issuing an equal number of emails to each group and monitoring the open, opt-out, and clickthrough rates of each newsletter, Persuasive Brands was able to determine the optimal combination of subject line and content to meet 10Best's objectives.

During the engagement, Persuasive Brands also leveraged their evaluation framework to identify the most appropriate EMail Distribution Partner for 10Best -- considering factors such as deliverability, reporting robustness, customer service levels, database targeting, and cost.

And as a key objective of the engagement involved the transfer of knowledge (enabling 10Best to evolve and enhance the eNewsletter in-house), the development process was inclusive -- involving active participation from the Editorial, Technology, Operations, and Marketing teams.


Today, 10Best issues two well received newsletters (weekly and monthly) -- each with evolving content and formats that support 10Best as their business, brand, and objectives change.


Case Study: Collateral Development

Burkland Associates



Burkland Associates provides strategic financial consulting services -- often referred to as "CFOs for hire" -- to firms predominately located in northern California. With a high concentration of start-ups and mid-tier firms in the San Francisco Bay area, Jeff Burkland wanted an efficient and effective way to communicate the benefits of their firm to potential clients particularly while walking through business incubators.

I’m so appreciative of your expertise and look forward to this making a difference. We have actually already had one person contact us from some very limited distribution. We're very excited.

Jeff Burkland
Burkland Associates


Rather than create a traditional sell sheet, Persuasive Brands suggested the development of a single high-impact half-page piece to serve as a leave-behind and postcard. Excited by the idea of a sales tool that would actually be read by potential clients, Burkland Associates gave Persuasive Brands the nod to begin.


After an initial discussion with the principals at Burkland Associates, Persuasive Brands defined the value proposition for potential clients and coined the phrase "On Demand Financial Expertise." Working together, Persuasive Brands also identified the set of services of greatest interest to potential clients along with the key benefits of engaging Burkland Associates.

Persuasive Brands then developed the imagery to confidently convey the hands-on, strategic level services provided by Burkland Associates while differentiating the firm from accounting organizations.


With just two iterations, the final multi-purpose sales tool was approved. And within one week, the final printed collateral arrived at Burkland Associates ready to act as a leave-behind and a direct mail piece -- both generating leads and new clients.

Marketing Communications by Persuasive Brands