Case Study: Brand Repositioning

Brand Repositioning Case Study: Del Fiugo



Frank Del Fiugo has a unique approach to leadership development and coaching. Del Fiugo Consulting harnesses psychology and neuroscience to help seasoned executives and aspiring managers understand why people do what they do. Armed with his knowledge, leaders can more easily resolve conflicts, enhance communication and increase organizational performance. While this innovative approach has proven invaluable to those who he coaches, Frank sought to bring their services to a wider base of potential clients.


Del Fiugo Consulting engaged Persuasive Brands who conducted a thorough competitive analysis of the executive coaching industry to identify a differentiated and defendable position for the organization. The produced decision-factor and Gap analyses revealed the coaching services most desired by executives but least available were, in fact, the strengths of Del Fiugo’s psychology and neuroscience-based approach: a greater ability to resolve conflicts, enhance communication and sharpen decision-making skills. Persuasive Brands crafted a positioning statement to define and differentiate Del Fiugo Consulting based upon a detailed SWOT analysis. This positioning statement was polished and adopted by the organization.


With the messaging defined, Persuasive Brands authored new service descriptions, methodology and corporate information -- repositioning the firm from a consulting to an executive coaching provider. Without altering the look and feel, the new content was incorporated into the firm’s website along with a sharply focused home page defining key audiences. Persuasive Brands then optimized the website to drive page rankings among Google, Yahoo! and Bing for Del Fiugo's services.


Potential clients and web visitors can now quickly understand the unique methods provided by Del Fiugo Executive Coaching and their unparalleled benefits. Importantly, potential clients know why they should engage Del Fiugo Executive Coaching to fuel their own careers.

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