Case Study: Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing Case Study: Kirkwood Animal Hospital



Kirkwood Animal Hospital is a premier, privately owned veterinarian practice dedicated to enhancing the wellness and longevity of cats and dogs. With more than 30 years serving pet owners in northern California, Dr. Ueno sought to help expand his practice and build the Kirkwood brand.


Working with Dr. Ueno and his business advisory team, Persuasive Brands developed a step-by-step plan to differentiate the firm, enhance communications with existing customers and expand the customer base through a referral program, direct marketing and social media activities. To develop the brand, it was imperative that all communications (online, print, in person) delivered a consistent, differentiated message and reinforced the Kirkwood Animal Hospital brand.


Through competitive and SWOT analyses, Persuasive Brands crafted a position based upon the exceptional education of the firm's veterinarians and their unique dedication to wellness-based medicine. To enhance client communications, a monthly newsletter program was established to inform pet owners of important topics while weekly customer satisfaction surveys provide the opportunity for invaluable feedback. Importantly, Persuasive Brands developed a referral and direct marketing program to help expand the customer base.


All of Kirkwood Animal Hospital communications reinforce the exceptional wellness care provided by experienced veterinarians educated at the country's best veterinary schools.

The monthly newsletters strengthen the bonds with existing customers and encourage pet owners to refer friends and family members. The regular surveys enable pet owners to directly share their accolades and concerns -- enabling any issues to be quickly resolved. Additionally, the website and direct marketing activities help to expand the number of pets receiving care by Kirkwood Animal Hospital’s exceptional staff -- with additional evaluations and ratings posted on social media sites.

  • Desktop and Mobile Friendly Website

  • Original Content Customer Newsletters

  • Direct Mail Postcards

  • Customer Referral Program

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Company Business Cards