Case Study: Collateral Development

Burkland Associates



Burkland Associates provides strategic financial consulting services -- often referred to as "CFOs for hire" -- to firms predominately located in northern California. With a high concentration of start-ups and mid-tier firms in the San Francisco Bay area, Jeff Burkland wanted an efficient and effective way to communicate the benefits of their firm to potential clients particularly while walking through business incubators.

I’m so appreciative of your expertise and look forward to this making a difference. We have actually already had one person contact us from some very limited distribution. We're very excited.

Jeff Burkland
Burkland Associates


Rather than create a traditional sell sheet, Persuasive Brands suggested the development of a single high-impact half-page piece to serve as a leave-behind and postcard. Excited by the idea of a sales tool that would actually be read by potential clients, Burkland Associates gave Persuasive Brands the nod to begin.


After an initial discussion with the principals at Burkland Associates, Persuasive Brands defined the value proposition for potential clients and coined the phrase "On Demand Financial Expertise." Working together, Persuasive Brands also identified the set of services of greatest interest to potential clients along with the key benefits of engaging Burkland Associates.

Persuasive Brands then developed the imagery to confidently convey the hands-on, strategic level services provided by Burkland Associates while differentiating the firm from accounting organizations.


With just two iterations, the final multi-purpose sales tool was approved. And within one week, the final printed collateral arrived at Burkland Associates ready to act as a leave-behind and a direct mail piece -- both generating leads and new clients.

Marketing Communications by Persuasive Brands