Case Study: Search Engine Optimization

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MarketResearchCareers, the leading job board focused exclusively upon the U.S. market research industry, sought to increase the number of unique visitors, grow its membership, and drive sales despite a constrained marketing budget.


Partnering with Persuasive Brands is like having your own in-house marketing department. The service is always prompt, professional, and helped increase our business by 300%.

Mike Carroll
Director, Sales and Marketing
Persuasive Brands conducted an initial analysis of MarketResearchCareers' traffic levels and sources; re-visitation rates; and rankings among the leading search engines. Within two days, Persuasive Brands revealed strong site re-visitation rates approaching 50%.

The review also revealed less than 5% of the site's total traffic originated from search engines -- with such activity driven by keywords only partially related to the site. Additionally, Persuasive Brands determined that was not ranked in the top 100 by Google, Yahoo!, or MSN and a total of only five links to the site were present among the leading search engines.

Based upon the findings, Persuasive Brands recommended MarketResearchCareers invest in search engine optimization to drive site activity levels and sales without incurring ongoing advertising expenses.


Persuasive Brands' SEO Results
Through discussions with management, Persuasive Brands developed three positioning statements -- one of which was selected. Upon conducting a competitive analysis, a list of keywords, new site content containing the appropriate meta tags and internal links, an XML sitemap, and robots.txt file were created.

Persuasive Brands then embarked on a targeted directory and link building program securing more than 100 links from relevant, high PageRank (PR) sites within six weeks. Persuasive Brands also submitted and monitored using Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! Site Explorer, and MSN Live Search Tools -- among others.


Within three months, site activity levels doubled with increases of more than 300% experienced within the year.

As interim benchmarks, was ranked in the top 20 by Google, Yahoo!, and MSN within three weeks of submission. Within 5 weeks, the site was ranked on the first page by Bing for selected keywords.

Most importantly, sales for MarketResearchCareers increased by nearly 300% during the year while requiring minimal SEO maintenance.

Today, MarketResearchCareers proudly maintains a first page ranking for "market research jobs" and "market research recruiter" among all three search engines (click to see Google's current ranking of MarketResearchCareers).