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DVRs Not Necessarily Ad-Killers
Simultaneous media usage may be the bigger problem for advertisers as research found that digital video recorder users are watching more hours of TV perweek than non-time shifting viewers, thereby increasing exposure to commercials. 25 May 2004

U.S. Senate Cans Spam
The Can Spam Act, including an amendment authorizing the FTC to plan a Do-Not-E-mail registry, gets a unanimous yes. 22 October 2003

Execs and Accounts for March 12, 2003
The IAB creates of an Associate Member category; launches a new Web site for Hart Schaffner Marx; Esselte Corporation launches an online marketing and branding initiative 12 March 2003

Web Heating Up for DTC Pharma Promotions
A DoubleClick study tracks online ads' effectiveness for a drug manufacturer, while research firms gear up for ROI analysis. 25 September 2002

Teens Possess Purchasing Power
Perhaps daunted by technology, parents relinquish theirconsumer electronics buying decisions to the kids. 12 August 2002

Invest Time Before Money
Finger-pointing investors admit to not doing their homework, but few share the blame for their stock market losses. 10 July 2002

Magazine Readers Prefer Paper
Two studies find that while U.S. audiences often choose offline magazines over their offline counterparts, they wouldn't necessarily be averse to paying for Web content. 23 April 2002

Cooking Sites Whip Up Audiences
According to a new study from InsightExpress, the sites have dedicated, ready-to-buy followings that CPG advertisers can tap into. 28 September 2001

Online Consumers Now the Average Consumer
After years of slowly converging, the profile of the average adult American Internet user looks like the profile of the average American, according to online market research firm InsightExpress. 12 July 2001