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  1. MediaPost Publications - Mainstream Internet - 08/03/2001 Internet user increasingly has resembled the profile of the average American. Lee Smith, COO of InsightExpress, said "The most common criticism of the Internet as .... - 20K

  2. MediaPost Publications - Teens Choose Electronics But Parents ... ones in control of the consumer electronics budget and brand buying decisions. Lee Smith, president and COO of InsightExpress, says "Students are more educated .... - 22K

  3. MediaPost Publications - Ad Effectiveness Researcher Scraps Pop ... "Virtually anything you can do with an Eyeblaster ad you can do with this," says Lee Smith, CEO of InsightExpress. Smith said AdInvite was developed in response to .... - 22K

  4. MediaPost Publications - Business as Usual? - 08/13/2002 when planning their communications-this is clearly not a lights-out situation," said Lee Smith, president of InsightExpress. While nearly two-thirds (62%) believe .... - 20K

  5. MediaPost Publications - Industry Study Reveals Greater Advertising ... more apt to spend their dollars on affordable and segmented media choices, said Lee Smith, president of InsightExpress. For media companies, the key to capitalizing .... - 21K

  6. MediaPost Publications - Researcher Offers 'Money-Back' Guarantee ... trying to help clients rationalize the results of a bad campaign at the back end," Lee Smith, CEO-president of InsightExpress told MediaDailyNews, noting that the .... - 24K