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Full Service Branding and Marketing Agency

Persuasive Brands is a full service branding, marketing and advertising agency bringing the experience of helping the Fortune 1000 to small and medium-sized businesses. We are experts at creating or revitalizing brands and websites to drive awareness and sales.

We listen intently and use research to outflank your competition, develop your logo and target your customers. As your full service partner, we provide all of the heavy lifting by developing your custom website, creating a database of potential customers and delivering your message through online, print and direct marketing methods.

Contact Persuasive Brands to market your business like the Fortune 1000 at a fraction of the time and expense. Please review our expert services below -- and don't leave your business to chance.

Brand Development

Your brand represents a promise of what your company will deliver. Your promise needs to be strategic so customers choose you.

As we know what makes buyers tick, our branding solutions are based upon a differentiated message and positioning statement that resonate with your target audience. To help you capture a market, we develop a:

We can help you create a new brand or re-position an existing brand for greater success. Our experience and tactical market research creates winning combinations, promises and brands for our clients that stand the test of time.

Selection of Developed Logos and Taglines

  • Logo Design Swimming Pool
  • Logo Design Business Services
  • Logo Design Health Services
  • Logo Design Medical Services
  • Logo Design Career Staffing
  • Logo Design Retail
  • Logo Design Retail Store Software
  • Logo Design Gym
  • Logo Design Custom Home Builder
  • Logo Design Service

We are confident we can develop a brand that will win in any market.

Website Development

We build custom websites that work -- meaning they are more than brochure-ware or template clones. Our websites not only look great, they are focused upon automating your business to save you time.

Each of our websites are unique and they reflect a client's particular brand and their specific business needs -- including eCommerce, inventory management, newsletter distribution, document authorization and other custom capabilities. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Every site is custom and many leverage our proven content management system enabling clients to easily update their sites in real time. As in the selection of our sites below, each is built to maximize multi-device support (PC, table and phone) and search engine optimization.

Trust Persuasive Brands to develop your new or re-develop your existing website. We are experts at creating user-friendly, branded and highly functional websites using .NET, PHP, ColdFusion and other database-centric technologies.

Internet Marketing

With more than 95% of all businesses and consumers turning to the Internet to find products and services, the web is the great equalizer. Our Internet Marketing solutions help you be found by those seeking your services.

Search Engine Optimization

When searching for a product or service, most turn to Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Search Engine Optimization is the process by which the content of your website is honed so your website is listed, without paying, above others for specific search terms.

SEO performance is impacted by several key factors including the:
  1. Quality, uniqueness and relevance of your site’s content
  2. User experience of your site -- including support for desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  3. Meta or hidden “tags” used by search engines to help understand your site
  4. Technical ability of the search engines to access and interpret your content
  5. Number and quality of the links to your website -- including social media references
As SEO experts, we know which levers to pull to drive your site to first page rankings. In fact, SEO is an integral component of our website development process ensuring your site can be easily found. Quality SEO takes planning and time but it delivers results in perpetuity -- fueling your business and saving you thousands of dollars in advertising each year.

Below are example SEO results we deliver to our clients. To view the current rankings, click on the associated link.

  • number one seo ranking
  • number seven seo ranking
  • number three seo ranking
  • first page seo ranking

Our SEO process is supported with analytics and technology -- ensuring the job is done with "white hat" techniques that deliver sustainable results.



Online Advertising

Until your site is displayed on the first page or to reach more buyers, it can be helpful to use advertising to drive awareness of your offerings. Online advertising is a paid service whereby your message is displayed to your desired audience.

Common advertising venues include Google Adwords, Facebook and networks of content-related sites. Selecting the right audience, determining the optimal bidding amount and method (cost per click or cost per impression) and crafting the right ad are essential to managing your budget.

As a seasoned advertising agency, we will help you determine an optimal budget and manage the campaign for you. We will:

  • Select the right audience, geography and networks
  • Author effective text or graphical ads
  • Determine bid prices and monitor cost per actions
  • Continually optimize your campaigns -- reducing your advertising spend
  • Recommend when you can wind down or conclude your advertising activity



Social Marketing

Social Media

Many brands can benefit from going viral.

By understanding your audience and carefully selecting the proper approach, your brand can become the beneficiary of countless mentions, website visits, forwarded emails and discussions.

We can help take your brand to the next level by:

  • Identifying relevant online articles and posting comments/links -- tying in your brand
  • Creating and posting videos -- demonstrating the use of your product
  • Sponsoring a blog -- communicating the benefits of your product
  • Promoting your company, brand, or product to recognized online opinion leaders --driving awareness

These approaches, if used wisely, can dramatically increase awareness levels delivering results well beyond any advertising or marketing budget.

Trust Persuasive Brands to lead your social marketing efforts.


Traditional Marketing

Our traditional marketing services includes the creation of print ads, out of home advertising and radio along with case studies, sales collateral, conference/exhibit materials and press releases. In addition to developing your ads, we craft and oversee the execution of a media plan to reach your target audience and maximize your return on investment.

We also help our clients with competitive analysis, product strategy and bringing new products to the marketplace.

  • Print Ads
    Example Print Ads

    We create print ads for magazines, newspapers and countless other publications
  • Case Studies
    Example Case Study

    Our work with this client led to $10MM in funding and the ultimate sale to Nielsen for $60MM.
  • Sales Collateral
    Example Sales Collateral

    We create tools to help the sales team communicate to potential clients
  • Press Releases
    Example Press Release

    Our press releases help drive awareness of recent awards and product introductions

Direct Marketing

Example Databases
  • New Home Owners
  • Swimming Pool Owners
  • Town Residents
  • Competitive Product Users
  • Pet Owners

Every business owner and sales manager needs a rolodex or industry database they can repeatedly use to drive sales.

Compared to print advertising, direct marketing provides the ability to more effectively spend your marketing dollars by concentrating them on those who you want to reach.

At Persuasive Brands, develop a comprehensive database to reach your target market. Our custom databases have kick-started countless new companies and products -- providing direct access to potential buyers and rapid sales traction.

Our databases, which you own, typically contain between 3,000 and 20,000 contacts and are far more cost effective than list rentals and are used for:

In addition to developing your custom database, we can also design, print and distribute your direct marketing materials.

Direct marketing can be conducted on-demand for specific projects, tied to particular events or conducted at regular intervals such as monthly or quarterly. Depending upon your audience, the cost of direct marketing can be substantially more affordable than traditional advertising.

Trust Persuasive Brands to open up new markets for you.

  • First Class Mail Postcards

  • Electronic Newsletters

Market Research

Persuasive Brands knows the market research industry like no other agency. From qualitative to quantitative; data collection to in-depth analyses; advertising effectiveness to Z-tests -- we've seen and done it all first-hand. We are experts at conducting research to:

Market research is a powerful tool to understand the impact of your brand, the effectiveness of your advertising initiatives and the potential for new products.