Direct Marketing

Example Databases
  • New Home Owners
  • Swimming Pool Owners
  • Town Residents
  • Competitive Product Users
  • Pet Owners

Every business owner and sales manager needs a rolodex or industry database they can repeatedly use to drive sales.

Compared to print advertising, direct marketing provides the ability to more effectively spend your marketing dollars by concentrating them on those who you want to reach.

At Persuasive Brands, develop a comprehensive database to reach your target market. Our custom databases have kick-started countless new companies and products -- providing direct access to potential buyers and rapid sales traction.

Our databases, which you own, typically contain between 3,000 and 20,000 contacts and are far more cost effective than list rentals and are used for:

In addition to developing your custom database, we can also design, print and distribute your direct marketing materials.

Direct marketing can be conducted on-demand for specific projects, tied to particular events or conducted at regular intervals such as monthly or quarterly. Depending upon your audience, the cost of direct marketing can be substantially more affordable than traditional advertising.

Trust Persuasive Brands to open up new markets for you.

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  • Electronic Newsletters