Improving a Text-Based Ad

Q: What basic suggestions might Persuasive Brands® have to improve our ad (see below)? We're only allowed to use text characters in the printed publication where the ad will be placed.

Original Ad
Revised Ad

A: To increase the performance of your advertising, we offer the following suggestions.

1.  Given the legal field is highly competitive, it is advantageous to quantify how much experience your legal team has serving clients in the specified areas. Add up the years practicing law among the partners and associates, and communicate "More than X years ...

2.  Ensure the services provided by your firm are complete and ordered in decreasing importance to the audience--listing the most important first and least important last.

3.  Include an email address enabling potential clients to contact you electronically. Include a 1-800 telephone number if your firm has one--enabling clients to call you at no expense. And of course, list the URL of your website.

4.  Use color so your ad stands apart from others on the printed page. If color is not an option, consider reversing the colors--black background and white characters.

5.  Lastly, consider an "offer" embedded within your ad. This provides a reason for potential clients to select your firm and proactively contact you. An example may include a no-fee review of a current will and estate plan.

Of course, we can also re-write the content of any advertisement to convey the proper message and imagery based upon your marketing and sales objectives. We can also improve your advertisements using A/B testing methodologies or optimize your ads using advanced market research techniques such as tradeoff or conjoint analysis.