eCommerce Website

With hundreds of thousands of online transactions and millions of dollars in sales, this is a hard working custom website. As the online solution that defined the sports uniform decorating and sales industry nearly a decade ago, manufacturers can easily organize, sell, produce and ship items to teams worldwide.

With just a few clicks, a custom online team store with the desired items can be created. Whether the coach or a personalized email from the site directs users to the store, parents select the desired items, choose the appropriate sizes, enter the player’s name and number and pay online with a credit card.

Throughout the process, coaches can monitor activity, assign/re-assign player numbers and encourage stragglers to submit their order. Of course the site organizes all of the orders into department-specific reports, facilitates changes and refunds, back order and inventory management, packing and shipping. This is indeed a hard working eCommerce website.

  • eCommerce Web Site

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  • Key Features:
    • Custom Design
    • Real-Time Publishing
    • SEO Support
    • Responsive Design
    • Dynamic Slideshows
    • Customer Database Management
    • Email Distribution and Optout Management
    • eCommerce
    • Promotions and Couponing
    • Sales Reporting and Analysis
    • UPS Shipping Integration
    • Inventory Management
    • Activity Tracking and Reporting
    • Community Activities and Support
    • Blogging