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It's Time to Use HTTPS—Always


With continual hacking activity and ongoing monitoring by third-parties, it's time to more fully protect your site visitors by always using secure web methods or HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure).

HTTPS encrypts everything between your visitor's web browser and your website—so anyone who might be eavesdropping on the electronic dialog cannot discern what’s being communicated. Historically due to server load and the cost of security certificates necessary to enable encrypted dialogs, HTTPS has only been used when communicating sensitive financial or personal information—such as credit card information, user names and passwords.


Approximately two years ago, Google began elevating the organic search rankings of sites that always employed HTTPS. But most recently, Chrome and Firefox started generating increasingly visible user warnings for submissions that are not protected by HTTPS.

To prevent unnecessary customer concern, it's time to turn on HTTPS for all of your web pages. You'll provide greater security to your visitors while also outranking your competition that continues to operate in HTTP.

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