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Importance of Copyrights


A copyright is the legal ability for the creator of original works of authorship expressed in a tangible medium to exclusively control the display, use, reproduction, creation of derivatives, distribution, sale and other elements of their work. In the advertising and online spaces, the type of "work" most frequently copyrighted include:
  • Taglines, advertising copy, web pages, books, poems, plays and other literary works
  • Painting, drawings, sculptures and photographs
  • Musical compositions and sound recordings
  • Computer software
  • Logos, graphical designs and industrial designs
  • Television broadcasts and motion pictures
Unless explicitly granted away under a contract or employment agreement within the United States, a creator owns the rights to their work for their lifetime—plus 70 years (the rights transfer to the creator's heirs). Barring fair use, copyrights are important as they enable those who create to have control over their work and how their creations are used.


Those who register their works with the United States Copyright Office receive additional benefits including legal fees and triple damages from infringers. Regardless, all Copyright owners have the obligation to police their own work, notifying unauthorized users of their violation.

While Copyrights (protection for original works of authorship) are intellectual property, they should not be confused with Trademarks (identify the source of a product/service) or Patents (prevent others from making, using or selling an invention).

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