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The Risk of Politics on Brands and Business


Unless you intend to market your products or services to a particular political or politically-minded segment, it's often best not to raise the topic of local, state or national politics with your current or potential customers. Like many prominent business owners have experienced, weighing in creates an unnecessary risk of a backlash, loss of brand equity and the potential waning of business.

Recent examples include comments from senior management of Twitter, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Google and others—all of which gained tremendous press coverage but also required additional communication not focused upon the company's core business, strategy or customers.

While everyone is certainly free to express their opinions, we encourage it be done under a personal account—not the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or web pages of your business. Also, be sure your fleet vehicles are free of bumper stickers.

And the data doesn't lie. Today, 67% of all American consumers believe it's best to leave politics out of the business discussion.

Impact of Politics on Brands

We also encourage that each firm remind every team member to focus upon serving clients and to politely withhold their political views unless asked. There is no harm in responding to an inquiry, but ensure everyone is courteous and respectful of others—regardless of their positions.

If you have questions how politics can impact your brand, please contact us.