Marketing expertise.

You Get What You Pay For


As we've been working with businesses of all sizes for years, it is virtually impossible to surprise us anymore. Unrealistic sales. Impossible deadlines. Insurmountable technical challenges. We’ve seen it all -- or so we thought.

But today's economic environment has introduced an entirely new breed of business owner. Those who need marketing services but are unwilling (rather than unable) to pay for it. This includes the business owner calling for free advice or offering $10 (literally) to make a change on their website.

This blog entry is written in support of online marketing professionals everywhere. While open source software may be free, it is well understood that the professional skill and time it takes to operationalize and maintain it is not.

Marketing services are no different. The skill, effort and creative energy it takes to drive the topline may be the difference between a business forging forward or closing its doors. Be reasonable and be fair -- not just to online marketing professionals -- but to everyone trying to help your business be a success.

Remember:  if you offer nothing or want to pay nothing, you'll ultimately get nothing and no one to help you. If you would not accept your own offer, how would you expect someone else to joyfully work for peanuts -- or no nuts at all?

So be creative. Be fair. That's the best way to get good people to help your business to be a success.