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Naming Your Business


Naming your business enables potential customers to quickly understand and identify the scope of your services -- and nothing is more important. For example the name "Manhattan Accountants" enables customers and search engines (how most businesses are found today) to easily classify your organization -- and in this case, also identify its geographic service area.

Business names must be:
  • Descriptive
  • Distinctive
  • Memorable
  • Concise
  • Avoid the use of homonyms or name plays.
The selected name must be also free of state and Federal trademark infringements and the corresponding .com domain name must be available and secured.

However, many entrepreneurs believe it is best to name their company after themselves and focus all awareness raising activities upon building their "personal brand." This is a common mistake among business owners due to hubris or the perception their personal network is the key to securing new customers.

Driving awareness of a new business takes time, resources, and planning -- and a proper name can greatly streamline this path. The objective of any business is to be known as a quality provider of products or services and to be top of mind when those services are needed. However, when establishing a business with the founder's name (sans any descriptive suffix), the hurdles are two-fold. Not only must the business promote who you are, but you must also define what products/services the business provides. And accomplishing two tasks is always more expensive and challenging then focusing upon one.

While celebrities and well known personalities leverage their personal brand to drive their business, it is clear that a recognized individual brand must first exist among the business' target audience. When launching a business, prioritize what you do over who you are. After years in the marketplace, perhaps then you can consider a pivot.

If you would like help creating the perfect name for your organization, please contact us. We have a decade of experience crafting names that quickly become well known in the marketplace.