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Reaching Customers with Postcards


In today's online world, electronic communications tend to rule. Sending emails are fast, easy to monitor conversion rates, and cost virtually nothing to distribute. However, relying solely on emails to reach new customers has a price -- a limited audience. Given the increasing sophistication of SPAM filters, the growing reluctance of recipients to open emails from unknown senders, and the simple fact that more than half of all email clients disable the viewing of images, most businesses that exclusively rely on email as a vehicle for prospecting come up short -- way short.

One way to bypass these online barriers is to craft and communicate your message via a postcard -- delivered directly to your target courtesy of the United States Postal Service. That's right, you can reach your target with a two-sided, full color postcard that also contains an enticing coupon for $0.40 each -- including printing and postage fees. So, for $400 you can reach 1,000 potential customers with a tangible message that can be carried into your business to obtain a discount or promotional offer. If you don't have a targeted list, we can help you develop a targeted database.
Postcard Marketing

As the majority of today's business develop activities move online, most recipients view businesses that send physical postcards as more legitimate and more viable vendors. Sending a physical postcard demonstrates you have greater resources and creates greater perceived credibility.

In our experience, sending postcards is the perfect complement to online marketing initiatives. It's affordable and delivers results. Reaching across multiple channels (such as email, SEO, online advertising, and mail) significantly increases awareness levels and the opportunity to accelerate your business.

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