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Mobile: Now A Business Necessity


Times and technology are certainly changing.

But if you think your business doesn't need to be easily accessible via mobile devices, well think again. comScore reports that 2015 will be the first significant year whereby more people will view content using mobile devices than desktops.

Mobile Marketing

This means your website needs to recognize the type of device (desktop, tablet, or smartphone) accessing your site and render your content appropriately. For mobile phone users, this generally requires:
  • A different navigation or menu format
  • A vertical rather than a horizontal content orientation
  • Selective use of graphics to speed download (and to minimize the consumption of a viewer’s cellular data plan)
  • A responsive design -- meaning a layout and images that automatically adjust to different screen widths and recognizes the rotation of devices
  • A prominent "click to call" link enabling potential customers to easily call you
Importantly, all of your content needs to be available to both desktop and mobile users. To save time and minimize content duplication efforts, your mobile solution needs to be integrated into your overall marketing, messaging, and branding approach. This means your mobile site cannot be a one-time replication and optimization of your existing "desktop" content.

If your site does not render your information in the appropriate format based upon the type of accessing device, please contact us. We can help you reach the growing mobile audience while saving you time, money, frustration, and lost business opportunities.