Job Board Website

This ColdFusion website originally developed a decade ago has been transformed into a modern, responsive website to produce a positive user experience.

Furthermore the functionality of this hard working website has been radically expanded to automatically deliver a targeted list of qualified candidates to employers posting a job, accept and redistribute jobs via XML, prevent online purchase fraud and conduct closed-loop email marketing. We took a hard working website and made it work smarter and more effectively.

  • Job Board Website

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  • Key Features:
    • Custom Redesign
    • Real-Time Publishing
    • SEO Support
    • Responsive Design
    • Dynamic Slideshows
    • Customer Database Management
    • Email Distribution and Optout Management
    • eCommerce
    • Fraud Detection and Management
    • Promotions and Couponing
    • Sales Reporting and Analysis
    • Activity Tracking and Reporting
    • Community Activities and Support
    • Numerous Business Development Tools